Saturday, June 22, 2013


What a NERVE: Spy agency accuses Snowden of spying (& my next NN report)
I swear, folks, that I'm not making any of this stuff up.
An American spy agency that currently has all of its greedy tentacles tightly wrapped all around every single household in the entire world -- and not in a good way -- has just accused EDWARD SNOWDEN of being a spy. How ironic is that!
And I'm still attending the Netroots Nation convention in San Jose, where we are currently learning about even more and better government and corporate ironies.
For instance, Rep. Mike Honda just spoke about how he himself was born in an American concentration camp for immigrants -- but never even dreamed that concentration camps for immigrants would once again happen here in the "Land of the Free".
Isn't having the NSA tapping all our telephone lines making us "free" enough already? Apparently not.
Next I went to a symposium on immigrants' rights. Apparently a comprehensive immigration bill is not being passed in Congress right now, but it should be. But then the growers and packers who currently exploit and endanger their undocumented slaves will have to deal with having said slaves come out of the shadows and throw them in jail.
Mexico currently trains most of our skilled construction workers. Americans then steal their skills -- but still have no shame about bitching that these skilled workers are here? Huh?
And then Rep. Bruce Braley of Iowa told a tear-producing story about how the Maytag plant in his community suddenly closed down and moved off to China. How ironic. Our workers are being fired so that their jobs can be moved to Asian sweatshops so that corporations can pay less taxes and get cheaper labor at a high cost of you and me -- yet Edward Snowden is the one that is being accused of being unpatriotic.
Irony is alive and well here at Netroots Nation.
Then there was a free food-truck event here, and then Senator Jeff Merkley and Dolores Huerta and Howard Dean spoke about stuff -- mainly about how America today needs to boldly face up to the challenges of today's America; not to challenges that may have been important to rich people back when Herbert Hoover was first elected president.
Get your head out of the sand, America. Or else climate change, endless war, domination by the greedy, etc. are gonna super-fry your butt as it sticks up there in the air. How ironic will that be.
Senator Barbara Boxer and Rep. Nancy Pelosi spoke next. "Republicans want to shut down the government,"  Pelosi said.  No they don't.  They want to own the government.  And they already do.  Another hypocritical irony here.

    "I don't know why Boehner cries all the time. Imagine if I did that!" said Pelosi. That's ironic too.

And then there was another free lunch. Yay! And after that? Will the NSA accuse me of spying too -- for running my blog?
PS: Tomorrow I'm gonna cruise by the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum on the way home, to look at all their mummies. America, wake up -- or you may end up being mummified too.
Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden, Al Gore and others who fight for peace and justice -- they are the waves of the future. How ironic is it that all that most Americans are doing right now is learning more and better mummification techniques -- and being led by dinosaurs like Anton Scalia, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, AIPAC and Dick Cheney.

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