Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Who would you rather prefer at the head of FEMA right now?

     In the teeth of Frankenstorm Sandy, who would you rather have heading up FEMA right now? Barack Obama or Jill Stein -- or Romney and Ryan, the current "I've already stolen mine and now you suckers are on your own" boys. Of course the original "screw you after Katrina" boys were Cheney and Bush.

    Apparently Mitt Romney actually said with his mouth on the Larry King show back in 2011, "We cannot afford disaster relief." Tell that to the wet, cold and hungry victims of Sandy on the east coast this morning.  Go ahead, Mitt.  Tell them.  Make their day.

PS:  And then there's this from Mark Karlin "Romney's Jeep Lie Outdoes Richard Nixon in the Mendacity Department"

     "Steve Benen, who writes the Maddow blog, has documented more than 500 Romney lies in 30 weeks."

PPS:  (Most of) the photos above are from my daughter Ashley's recent Halloween party/Giants victory celebration