Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day + Raymond Davis sets an example

Yelp just posted a list of various places where you could go to celebrate St. Patricks Day in the East Bay, including Fentons ice cream parlor. Fentons?

"At Fentons," Yelp wrote, "Lynsey T falls for the sweetness of her Celtic crush, the Black and Tan." WHAT! Doesn't Yelp realize that the dread Black and Tan slaughtered huge numbers of Irish-Catholic protesters in Belfast and Crossmaglen -- not to mention the ones that they murdered in Dublin, Kerry, Cork and Tipperary during the 20th-century Irish battles for independence. Yikes! Yelp, wash your mouth out with soap.

Oops, my bad. Local musician Mugg Muggles just informed me that "Black and Tan" is also the name given to a mixture of pale ale and Guinness stout. My bad. Yelp, you are forgiven after all.

But speaking of murders, let's talk about Raymond Davis, the American CIA agent in Pakistan who was caught in the act of murdering people, and was just recently set free by the high court in Lahore. Why? Because apparently there's a law in Pakistan that says if you kill someone you can buy your freedom by paying your victim's family enough "blood money" to satisfy them. Well, apparently Davis (or the CIA or, more likely, American taxpayers) just forked over two million dollars to the families of the two men who he killed -- and Davis is now a free man.

Hey, maybe we should consider doing something like that over here in America too. At the rate of one million dollars per man, then perhaps Bush and Obama could buy their way out of having caused the unnecessary deaths of approximately 5,900 American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan -- by offering up "blood money" to the families of the soldiers they killed in these two trumped-up wars. Then Bush and Obama's get-out-of-jail-free cards would only cost them, er.... Sorry, I'm bad with numbers. You do the math.