Sunday, February 20, 2011

Waves in the Drake Passage as high as the ship!

Here's the update I just e-mailed to my daughter Ashley:

The waves here are humongous. Our boat creaks and howls like its very nails are screaming to get out. A wastebasket and a shoe just rolled past my bed. Dramimine is causing nightmares -- I was stalked by an alien truck driver and Ruby served me with a lawsuit in the Willard Junior High School gym. Two more days of this yet to go. We look out the window and see 25-foot waves. Crawled to the bathroom on my hands and knees this morning because I couldn't stand up due to the roll. But somehow it all seems kinda fun.

The captain says that we can still plan to make our flight back on the 23rd -- but who knows for sure.

PS: Things just got a whole lot worse. I'm typing this in the ship's library with books and chairs flying across the room behind me. Two more days of this. Thank goodness for Dramamine. I'm still shaking from looking out the window and seeing nothing but water where the horizon used to be.