Thursday, February 11, 2010

Survivor's 20th Season: I'm looking for a HERO...

Well it's Day 2 on the latest season of Survivor -- Heroes vs. Villains -- and so far no one seems to be making their move, not even Russell. And what the freak does Sugar think that she's up to in the middle of the night, waking everybody up? Heroes? Villains? So far it's just Losers....

But that's only what has happened so far. We're now at the mid-point of tonight's show -- at the Kay Jewelers commercial, that point where I run out to the kitchen and do dishes like crazy before the show starts again. Maybe the second half will be better. "Which chicken should we eat for dinner tonight?" seems to be the biggest challenge so far.

Colby: "It's the little things like the chickens that get you fired up." Yeah right.

Who do I like best on the show so far? Boston Rob. Coach is just plain annoying. As usual. And I hate to say this but the Immunity Idol looks just like Rupert.

Oh crap. The Heroes are losing their lead in the immunity challenge. "Villains win first immunity challenge!" Yaay Villains!

Ah. Here come more commercials. Sears Presidents' Day sale. Shutter Island. Charles Schwab. "At Charles Schwab, investors rule. Are you ready to rule?" Sure. Russell's safe. Whew. But Sugar and Rupert are in trouble.

It's the Disneyland commercial next. "If we stay for two nights, we can get one night for free." I wanna go play "Survivor" at Disneyland!

PS: I'm going to apply for the next season of "Survivor". I survived almost getting blown up in the Green Zone in Iraq. I survived being chased across the Yalu River by the North Korean border patrol on one side and the Red Army on the other. I survived being almost trampled to death at the Jamarat in Mecca, being chased by beggars on Chicken Street in Kabul, being threatened with guns by irate settlers in Hebron and giving birth to four children. Surely I will be able to survive "Survivor" too.

PPS: The tribe just voted off Sugar. That's just wrong. That's like pulling the wings off of a butterfly. But she did seem sort of glad to go. Next time on "Survivor"? "Rob! Something's happened to Rob!"

How could anyone not love this show.

PPPS: Yes, I know that this show teaches our children to lie and steal and be jerks for money -- but hasn't the Republican party done that already?