Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The rich, the poor, sex & money: How to avoid "money pervs"

What sex fiends and perverts just don't seem be able to get into their thick heads is this: Just because you've gotten a nice a tingly feeling down in your private parts doesn't mean that you have to ACT on it. You can just appreciate it for what it is -- a surprise gift. Or you can do what a lot of Taoists do -- you can recycle it.

According to Taoist master Mantak Chia, all of us have a "microcosmic energy orbit" that runs up from the base of our spines, through our brains, down our fronts and then back around through our private parts and up through our spines once again. So. If you are starting to get all nice and tingly Down There, just suck that feeling up through your back bone and into your brain and then put all of that excess energy to work thinking good thoughts. Or something like that. Then you won't have to waste all your spare time stalking or raping or nothing.

And this same rule about sex also applies to money. Some people think that they can never get enough money. They become addicts. They become "money perverts". And right now "money pervs" appear to be running our world.

And what about the rest of us normal guys who would not hesitate for a minute to grab a child-molester who has stalked our children's innocence and to throw him into jail? Yet all too many of us are just sitting back and applauding while a legion of unbalanced perverts stalk our children's money.

And people like Rush Limbaugh and Benjamin Bernanke and folks in the Bush-Obama administration are actually cheering these money-pervs on -- while these perverts reach their hands down into OUR pants.

It really bothers me right now that there are millions of right-wing teabaggers out there who make less than $100,000 a year -- yet seem to hate us left-wing idealists who are poor as church-mice so much that they would do us bodily harm if given half a chance. And yet these same teabaggers seem to idolize and adore "money pervs" who cannot control their money addictions, who can never be satisfied and can never get enough dollars. These money-pervs will lie, steal, kill, sell out their families and country or do any other repulsive thing that they can to feed their insatiable habits.

These money-pervs are stealing the rest of us blind -- and yet everyone out there seems to love them!

My suggestion?

Anyone who has hoarded up more than one million dollars should have to be registered with a national (or world-wide) "Money Offenders" registry -- and shouldn't be allowed to move into any new neighborhood until all the neighbors are warned first.

PS: You wouldn't let a drug addict run your bank, your country, your army, your food industry or your health insurance, would you? You wouldn't fawn over and try to please a junkie or think that glue-sniffers are your social superiors or better than you? Probably not. Yet every single day we turn almost everything we hold dear over to "money perverts". Now does that really make any sense? Not to me!

PPS: Here's my new video on the subject of money addiction -- starring me, my granddaughter Mena and all the loose change in my pocket: