Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Wilson Scream: Where was Joe Wilson when Bush lied?

I'm supposed to be rushing out the door to my acupuncture appointment right now but I just can't resist saying a few words about Rep. Joe Wilson before I go. Needles can wait. This can't.

Wilson did a "Dean Scream" in the the chambers of Congress during an Obama speech recently -- only the "Dean Scream" was a scam perpetrated by the media who photo-shopped out the audience's screams, making it appear that Dean was talking loudly for no reason. The "Wilson Scream" was the real thing. Fine. But where was Joe Wilson's scream when Bush was lying to Congress?

There is now a whole generation of Americans who know friends and classmates who have died in the Iraq "war". There are thousands of America's best and brightest young people who died for a lie. And there is a whole well-oiled American military machine -- perhaps machine is the wrong word here -- that was the pride of our country until Bush wore it down so that his cronies could rake in the huge profits that only come from turning out war machinery day after day, year after year.

I've been to Iraq four-and-a-half times. I've seen our fighting men and women in action. They are the best of one whole generation. And they are still being wasted and ground up and savaged for fun and profit by Bush's lie.

Wilson, where were you back then? Where was your "Liar!" scream then?