Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mena meets some Tibetans and I plan to meet David Duke

Yesterday me and my 20-month-old granddaughter went to a religious ceremony hosted by some local Tibetan holocaust refugees, and it was very inspiring. Mena played with the Tibetan kids like she had known them all of her life, but hated the little red ceremonial pills they gave out. She slept through half of the event and made friends during the other half -- and I saw Tibetans there that I hadn't seen in years. And then Mena presented her ceremonial scarf to Nechung Rinpoche like she had been doing this all of her life.

And here are the photos to prove it! (That little kid that you can barely see who is getting tapped on the shoulder by Nechung Rinpoche? That's our Mena.)

PS: I'm leaving for Russia and Ukraine tomorrow. If I run into David Duke in Kiev, I'll ask him if I can see a photo of his private parts as well -- to check and see if he was actually born in Oklahoma like he says he was.

But please don't ask me to ask him to drop his drawers. I'm not THAT committed to becoming America's first progressive Birther. Eeuuww!