Saturday, July 05, 2008

Wanna go to North Korea in September? Here's your chance!

My friend Mrs. Hwa Young Lee just called me. She is trying to put together a tour to North Korea, leaving from China on September 19 and returning to China on 27, 2008. "Jane, do you know anyone who might be interested in going? I need ten more people in order to make up a group."

"Not off hand," I replied, "but let me ask around." Would YOU be interested in going? This tour sounds great! And the highlight of the entire trip will be when you get to attend North Korea's famous and and fabulous Mass Games. "What are Mass Games," you might ask. Imagine an entire stadium filled with 100,000 people all either dancing on the field or flashing cards from the bleachers. Lovely.

"How much will this cost," you might ask. "$2,999 for everything except airfare to Shenyang and you can get a good deal on flights to Shenyang from" Hey, com'on. This is an opportunity of a lifetime! Go for it!

"But how can I find out more?" Just e-mail my friend Mrs. Lee at You stay at the fabulous Chilbosan Hotel in Shenyang, fly to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and spend a week visiting places, meeting people and eating DPRK food.

"What kind of food do they eat in the DPRK?" Who knows. KOREAN food! You will love this once-in-a-lifetime trip. Trust me. Just do it.

"And can I bring my pet cocker spaniel?" Er, no.

PS: Somebody just e-mailed me a photo of GWB getting boo-ed when he threw out the first ball at Nationals Park. "Imagine what they could have done if they had access to flashcards!"