Monday, February 11, 2008

Why vote for Hillary: She'd be the one most likely to put Bush in jail.

(This photo is one I took of some Marines in Haditha, Ambar province, Iraq)

A friend of mine keeps pushing me to get involved in the Obama campaign but I steadfastly refuse. Why? Because for the last eight years, every since George W. Bush stole the 2000 election and 9-11 happened on his watch, my one major goal in life has been to see that punk in jail. And that goal has been the measure of all things for me since good old Dubya violated our Constitution and used his money and family connections to screw America. Don't get me started on that one!

Another friend wants me to get involved in the confrontation between Code Pink and the Marine recruiting station here in Berkeley. Once again, I am not getting involved. That's not my fight. My fight is to incarcerate the sadists and thieves who sent the Marines to Iraq and Afghanistan in the first place, shamelessly wasting our nation's well-trained and capable fighting men just for the sake of making GWB the world's first trillionaire at the expense of the Marines' blood, sweat and tears. But don't get me started on that one either.

"So. Jane. Who are you going to vote for in November?" I would greatly prefer to see Dennis Kucinich in the White House but that's not going to happen. He is pro-American, pro-labor, pro-taxpayer and pro-working class. The poor guy doesn't stand a chance. But don't get me started on that one either!

So. Who does that leave me to vote for? Obama, Clinton or McCain. McCain is a Bush-Cheney clone. We've already been down that primrose path once and can't afford to go down it again. So scratch McCain. Obama? Sure, he's a nice guy and all but he's young. He could run in 2012, with more experience under his belt. Or maybe he could succeed in 2008 by energizing the X-Box Generation to come out and vote in the remaining primaries -- and maybe he could capture the White House too. But if Obama won, would he make every effort to put Bush (and Cheney) in jail? In my mind, that's still up in the air.

Ah but Hillary. She's my person. After all the things that the neo-cons have done to her and her family over the last 16-odd years? More than any other candidate, I can count on her to put Cheney and Bush into the shackles and jump suits where they belong. "Revenge is a dish best
served cold." And boy do I want revenge! I want George W. Bush to PAY -- for 9-11, for violating our Constitution, for advocating torture, for Katrina, for bankrupting our treasury, for scamming on Christianity, for the slow and painful death of the American working class....

PS: Today is the day that I'm supposed to fly off to Kuwait to (hopefully) embed in Iraq. Rep. Barbara Lee is actively trying to help get my embed reinstated and a very helpful public affairs officer at the Pentagon is also looking into my case. But in the meantime, I'm a nervous wreck. A complete and total nervous wreck. You would be too. If I don't get embedded as promised, then it's gonna be "Kuwait City on Five Dollars a Day" for three weeks for me. Is it legal to beg on the streets in Kuwait? If CentCom Iraq doesn't make good on their initial promise of an embed for me (I never woulda bought that non-refundable plane ticket if they hadn't), I'll soon find out!