Saturday, July 14, 2007

Blind: Watching the Israel-Palestine eye-for-an-eye tragedy unfold

I am reading David Pratt's new book Intifada: The Long Day of Rage. Believe it or not, Pratt was THERE -- on the scene, on the spot -- for almost every single incident, battle, retribution, escalation and attack that the Israelis staged against the Palestinians during both the First Intifada and the Second Intifada. And Pratt was also there during almost ever single incident, battle, retribution, escalation and attack that the Palestinians staged against the Israelis as well.

With heart-stopping accuracy and literary GENIUS, Pratt makes his readers think and feel as if they too were there during every single moment of every bloody event. Amazing.

And after I finished the book, what did I learn? That's a no-brainer. That the crazy and irresponsible eye-for-an-eye escalation of this conflict has led -- tragically, needlessly, unnecessarily -- to the terrible end wherein both sides are now blind. Do you hear me? Morally, financially, personally and physically. Blind. What a waste.

Buy this book. Read it and weep. And then work in whatever way you can to stop the escalation of violence and war. Why? Because Israelis and Palestinians have clearly demonstrated for all the world to see -- and Pratt has recorded it -- what happens when violence, revenge and retribution guides one's policies. Everyone loses. There are no winners in this terrible game -- only survivors with no vision.