Monday, February 20, 2006

Why there WILL be a war on Iran: Bush's daddy will pay for it

Now wait a minute. We taxpayers are already spending $118,000.00 a MINUTE to fund the wars on Afghanistan and Iraq. Why would George W. Bush want to start a war on Iran? That's going to cost us taxpayers even MORE money. That's going to cost us an arm and a leg.

Bush doesn't care.

Why should he care? It's not his money.

Like Veruca Salt, that spoiled little girl in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," Bush has only to scream, "Daddy, I want it!" and he gets it -- no matter what the cost. He wants the war on Iran? He'll get it.

When Veruca, er, I mean GWB was younger, he got into a lot of trouble and got busted for alcohol and drugs. When he was arrested for cocaine possession, his daddy bailed him out and paid big bucks to have his record scrubbed. It cost his daddy an arm and a leg. But why should Bush care? It wasn't his money.

According to Larry Flynt, when George's girlfriend got pregnant, our Dubya avoided the consequences by pulling out his daddy's checkbook at a local abortion clinic. It cost his daddy an arm and a leg. But why should George care? It wasn't his money.

After he got out of college, Bush started several business ventures. They were failures. But it didn't matter. His daddy had funded them in the first place and, after they failed, his daddy and his daddy's friends bailed him out. It cost an arm and a leg. But why should G.W. care if he ran up a gigantic bill? It wasn't his money.

Daddy just wrote a check and the bills magically disappeared.

Now Bush has some new business ventures. And a new Daddy too. And, like his old business ventures, it doesn't matter to Bush whether his "wars" succeed or they fail. Bush is not footing the bill. If it takes a trillion dollars of somebody else's money to invade this or that oil-rich country and enrich Bush's oil baron buddies by even one cent, you can bet that Bush will do it. Bush doesn't care. It isn't his money.

Veruca, er, Georgie is now dying to start a new war on Iran -- even though his wars on Afghanistan and Iraq have already failed. "I want it! And I'll get it!" he screams. And why not? Daddy will pay for this too.

George W. Bush, unlike you and me, has NO experience with not getting what he wants.

However, even though George Sr. has money coming out of his ears from the billions he apparently made through his Carlysle war-profiteering schemes, even George Herbert Walker Bush isn't rich enough to supply George Junior with all these expensive new toys. So. "Who's your daddy now, George?"

That's easy to figure out.

Who do you know who has the bottomless pockets necessary to continue to spoil George W. rotten, find him the Golden Ticket, take him to the Chocolate Factory and buy him yet another bungled war? Who is George's new sugar daddy now? Who, by being threatened with the prospect of having to deal with yet another temper tantrum, can be bullied into buying GWB anything he wants on command? Who in the world has that kind of money? The United States taxpayer. That's who. You, me and us.

America, it's time to start practicing tough love on your Fortunate Son. America, it's time that we finally stop being bullied and ordered around by a grown man who continues to act like a hopelessly-spoiled child.

Let's finally stand up to this out-of-control brat and deny Veruca Bush his "war" on Iran. And let's also give him a "time out" in jail.