Thursday, February 16, 2006

Syria just changed over to the euro: I want to change to euros too!

Almost everyone in the world is really pissed off at George Bush. That man has managed to completely alienate almost the entire population of this planet -- with the possible exception of a handful of Republicans who listen to Rush Limbaugh and/or watch Fox News.

But despite all their anger, most of the people in the world aren't doing anything about Bush's pissy attitude toward common sense, diplomacy and enlightened self-interest. But now Syria has stepped up to the plate and is actually attempting to do something to stop Bush's maniacal foolishness. According to Reuters, "Syria has switched all of the state's foreign currency transactions to euros from dollars...."

Wow, this is revolutionary news! Syria is really going out on a big limb on this one by challenging Bush's death-grip on the world. Syria is putting its money where its mouth is. Syria is fed up with Bush and is actually DOING something about it.

The last country to challenge Bush by moving their currency from dollars to euros was Iraq in 2003. And look what happened to them!

In the revolution against George Bush's idiotic and self-centered foreign policies, Syria's action is a major shot across the bow. And apparently Iran plans to fire a second shot soon. And what if Latin America fires a third shot and switches to the euro too?

Put me down for shot number four! I want to convert my $285-a-month Social Security check to euros too!

George Bush had better watch out.

PS: There are other reason to go on the euro -- ASAP! According to my friend Juli, the dollar is pretty much worthless. "Holy crap!" Juli wrote me last week. "I just got a copy of the 2005 independent auditor's report on federal finances. According to him, after the GOP took over Congress in 1997, there has been no financial record-keeping and no one really knows who is spending what or how much. He says this much however, that it is illegal. He also says that the cost of operating the government has risen to $46 trillion from $20 trillion a few years ago. The IRS reports revenues at only $1.2 trillion. HAAHAA HAAHAA HAAAAA...."

Whoa. We got 46 trillion dollars going out and 1.2 trillion dollars coming in? "I call that one whopping deficit. And then they report that $300 billion has been given back in refunds. The auditor claims that much of the problem comes from no oversight and nobody keeping records. Wasted money essentially." And Bush ran on a platform of cutting down on bureaucratic government spending? Yeah right. "And another problem is that the defense department is purposefully not keeping records to hide their spending too."

Let's put it in terms everyone (even me) can understand. If the auditor's report is true, this is like finding out that your boyfriend just stole the family heirlooms. And cleared out your bank account. And maxed out your credit card. And loaned your car to a guy who runs a chop-shop. And sold your niece to a sweatshop in Belize!

We're screwed.

Maybe California should save itself from the sinking ship and seriously consider joining the EU.