Thursday, August 25, 2005

Big Brother 6: Be Head of Household and help me get ready for the foster kids!

Okay, here are the nominees: Maggie? April? Janelle? No! Me and my junk. The social worker came out yesterday and said, "You will be eligible for two foster children as soon as you can get rid of all this CLUTTER". So. This is your opportunity to be a good Big Brother and HELP ME OUT. On this week's episode of Big Brother 6 Rachel said, "Howie caused some trouble in the house last week." Come cause some good in my house. And win the power of VETO too!

Here's the story: Everybody gets a penny and we all flip coins. If your coin lands on heads, the object flipped on lands in the "to go" pile. Tails? It lands in the "stay" pile. You can exchange items in the piles but only if they are the same size. If a bunch of people do it, we can EVICT all the junk in my house and let some foster kids have a good home.

This show starts Saturday August 27, 2005 from noon to whenever -- at my house.

PS: Anybody got any spare bunks beds they want to donate to the future houseguests? That would be great.

PPS: I am NOT Julie Chan.

PPPS: After we get done throwing the clutter out of MY house, let's clean all the clutter out of the WHITE House.