Wednesday, September 08, 2004

"Nothing will hold us back," sez Bush -- not the Bible, the Constitution or the voters!

When George Bush announced at the Republican National Convention lately that "Nothing will hold us back," he really meant it! And he may be right. So far the Bible, the Constitution, legitimate elections and basic human decency have not been able to hold him back.

"Nothing will hold us back" says George, not even the voters! According to one Texas National Guard officer, Bush even plans to declare martial law on the day before the elections if it looks like the voters might have the audacity to try and get in his way.

Will the National Guard or the Army be able to hold me back from voting? I gotta admit that It's going to be kind of hard to vote if a Marine with a gun is telling me not to. What to do? Avoid the rush and vote absentee!

PS: And what exactly are Americans holding Bush back from? Reading between the lines of Jay Bookman's Atlanta Journal-Constitution article, Americans appear to be holding Bush back from SELLING HIS SOUL TO THE DEVIL!

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