Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Shut down the military?  Go for it!

     The government has just shut down?  What a wonderful opportunity to re-set, to start again.

     Shut down the military?  Save six trillion dollars in just a few years, balance the budget immediately, get weaponized tanks out of our cities and stop killing people abroad?  Go for it.  Absolutely.

      Shut down the nuclear killing fields?  No more deformed babies born in Kosovo and Iraq and Libya and Gaza and Afghanistan?  No more possible Chernobyls and Fukashimas here in America?  No more deadly stockpiles of nuclear waste being generated daily that will last long after the human race is toast?  I'm so there.

     Shut down the CIA?  We'd have world peace within the year!  No more rendition and torture camps, no more destabilization of countries with oil?  I want that.  Badly.

     Shut down the NSA?  No more spying on our phones and computers?  George Orwell would heave a sigh of relief from his grave -- and I certainly would too.

     Shut down all those perqs to RepubliDem Congressmen?  Why not.  They have never earned their keep anyway.

     Shut down all those subsidies to agribusiness, Monsanto, the Koch brothers' lumber empire, etc.?  Bring back the small farmer and the Lorax?  Just imagine that.  Wonderful.

     Shut down the subsidies to Big Pharma?  So we could once again afford to buy our medicine without going to Canada?  I'm certainly willing to give that a try.

     Shut down Homeland Security?  Stop wasting money checking our junk and irradiating us at airports and making us paranoid and spending our money to run a police state?  Whoopie!

     Shut down the FBI and all those other agencies that didn't protect JFK and aren't protecting you and me but rather the corporate mega-state?  And spend all their time putting citizen-protestors in jail for years and pursuing whistle-blowers but let Wall Street mega-criminals go?  I have no problem with that.

     Shut down MediCare?  Just try it.  You'll have an army of irate old folks in wheelchairs and walkers descending on Washington with canes in our hands and blood in our eye!

     Shut down Social Security?  That we earned over time with our bare hands?  Do you really want hundreds of thousands of truly-pissed-off senior citizens morphing into full-rebellion mode?  The Greatest Generation brought down the Third Reich.  And it can bring down the Fourth Reich too.

     Just as soon as we find our false teeth.


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