Sunday, March 18, 2012

Palestinian children: Born in captivity

Suppose that you are a cute little baby panda or an adorable newborn lion cub that has been born inside a zoo. What happens to you next? Most likely, you will grow up in a zoo and die in a zoo.

But human babies are different from animal babies. It is against the law to keep human babies caged up in a zoo.

Even homeless poverty-stricken American pregnant women who have been sent to jail for whatever -- after giving birth behind bars, even their children aren't forced to remain in captivity and caged up like their moms. Americans are much more humane than that.

Even the poor Sudanese refugee Lost Boys weren't allowed to be caged. Thousands of them were given good educational opportunities and offered good homes in the United States.

Even the approximately seven million Afghan and Iraqi orphans created by Bush, Cheney and Obama are still being allowed a modicum of freedom once in a while

But Palestinian children? No such luck. They are born in captivity, they grow up in captivity and they die in captivity -- just because someone else wants their land.

But even sadder still is the fact that most zoo animals are treated more humanely than Palestinian children. Palestinian children's keepers think nothing of shooting, bombing, starving and siccing dogs on these captive kids, housed in open-air prisons such as Gaza and Ni'lin. Captive baby lions and pandas never have to endure anything even remotely as horrible as this.

PS: A lot of folks in America are currently very upset right now because of Joseph Kony's war crimes against children in mineral-rich Uganda -- but am I the only person on FaceBook today who also gets upset when Bush, Obama, AIPAC, the U.S. Congress and Netanyahu commit war crime after war crime against the captive children of Palestine?

Perhaps we should make a viral video that will make Bush, Obama, AIPAC, the U.S. Congress and Netanyahu famous for their war crimes against children as well.


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