Friday, January 09, 2009

Gaza Iraq Afghanistan Congo Oakland: Is the killing EVER going to stop?

All this killing and killing and killing -- I really can't stand it any more. Why is it still happening? This is the 21st century, damn it, and we are still acting like cavemen.

Why would ANYONE want to kill another living human being? How can the human race even think about continuing to kill and kill and kill each other? What drives a man to take the life of another man? What can EVER be worth the destruction of a human life? Where are our values? Where are our leaders? Where are our morals?

Radical fundamentalists fight with every inch of their being to save the lives of unborn fetuses. Why aren't the rest of us fighting with every inch of our being to save the lives of humans -- men, women and children -- who have already been born.

The fact that individual human beings can stand by and watch while other PEOPLE are slaughtered -- that amazes me. The fact that George W. Bush is not in jail and that our very own Congress can still continue to pass such huge budgets and funding allocations in order to fill the world with millions of weapons at the expense and sacrifice of education and healthcare and our own and our children's future? That appalls me.

And the Taliban and Congolese and Somalis and gangs in East Oakland? They are just as bad as the white-collar killers in Washington -- but at least they do their own killing, don't let long-range missiles do it for them.

When will all this endless killing and killing and killing ever stop? When every single last human being on the planet is dead.

Of course.

And will any of this killing ever have been worth it -- to ANY of the killers?