Monday, June 02, 2008

Dear Kos, thanks for your Book Expo speech -- and WAS Sadr City just flattened? Or not?

Dear Markos:

I just finished reading a galley copy of your new book, "Taking on the System". My opinion so far? Great introduction, I liked the "mobilize" advice, got a little lost around the Cindy Sheehan chapter, glad you wrote it, jealous because people are gonna buy your book like hotcakes but nobody will buy mine!

Currently, I just got back from Anbar province in Iraq and things are going well there. But apparently the great Anbar Awakening all started when the US military flattened Fallugah. And now I've been hearing rumors that they have flattened Sadr City as well -- and, if so, could that have been the cause of it being so "quiet" in Baghdad recently? Richard Engel told me on Saturday that fighting was down 70 percent. So. What I want to know from your readers is this -- WAS Sadr City actually flattened in April? Or not? And where is Scott McClellan when we need him most!


Jane Stillwater

PS: I live on Stuart Street, over next to the Berkeley Bowl.