Saturday, September 30, 2006

Why they hate us: Because they can't control us!

Okay. I have a question for you. Could someone please explain this to me? Here we have George W. Bush and his buddies, sitting in the catbird seat, the ultimate Big Cheeses, in control of the entire world.

They got the money.

They got the guns.

They got control of the White House, the Congress AND the Supreme Court.

They are heroes and gods to the world's elite -- those rich-beyond-your-wildest-dreams global corporations who run the economies of every country in the world with the possible exception of Cuba and Venezuela.

They have more celebrity status than Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

They OWN the media. Katie Couric regularly kisses their butts.

They got their own fleet of Learjets tricked out with fancy names like "Air Force One".

They gots hundreds of billions of dollars salted away in Swiss bank accounts. The IRS pumps our money into THEIR gas tanks. In possession of America's multi-trillion-dollar economy for collateral, they can max out their credit cards any time they want.

With all that going for them, why would Bush and his buddies even notice us little bloggers and malcontents and "liberals"? With that kind of money, status and power -- not to mention weaponry -- why would they even care we exist?

With more power and more money and more status than anybody in the history of the world including Julius Caesar, why do these guys spend 18 hours out of each 24-hour day hating us, passing wiretapping laws against us, setting up situations that will make it legal to torture us? Trying to scare us, focusing on us, arresting us, calling us names?

Go away, Mr. Bush. Go fly off to Crawford or London or Kennebunkport. Enjoy your power and wealth and celebrity -- and just leave us alone!

Why do they hate us so much? Why does Keith Olbermann get so viciously attacked and William Rivers Pitt worry about "disappearing" and everyone in my e-mail group exchange phone numbers in case the internet shuts us down?

They hate us because they can't control us...because they know that for all their wealth and power, they need us -- all of us, all of the wretched of the earth. But guess what? We don't need them. If we absolutely have to, we will live in cardboard huts out in the desert and eat fried worms with our fingers -- if that's what it takes to be free.

Bush and his buddies know this. They know that they can't control us. And that's why they hate us so much.