Thursday, June 01, 2006

Blaming Clinton wasn't enough: Now they are blaming everything on JIMMY CARTER!

I just got an e-mail asking me for my support in censuring "The President". Hey, I'm all for that! So I clicked on the link. But this group wasn't referring to President [sic] Bush. They were talking about President CARTER!

"Since leaving office, President Jimmy Carter has repeatedly undermined U.S. foreign policy, criticized the missions of men and women of the United States Armed Forces, as well as embracing known terrorists and terrorist organizations," stated

They gotta be kidding, right?

We all know that the abysmal failure of America's current foreign policies are not BUSH'S fault. How can they be? We have been told over and over and over again that they are all the fault of President Clinton. But NOW we being told to believe that they are actually the fault of Jimmy Carter! That's Carter. C-A-R-T-E-R. Not Reagan. Not Bush.

How could I have been so wrong as to think that "The Decider" was deciding our foreign policies?

Now that "The Decider" has clearly botched our foreign policy just as surely as he botched Katrina disaster relief by gutting Clinton's outstanding FEMA program, people are getting tired of blaming EVERYTHING on Clinton -- and the Bush bureaucracy has gotta find someone new to blame.

It's all Jimmy Carter's fault!

Now why didn't the rest of us think of that?

I got an idea. How about that we blame George and Condi and Powell and Rumsfeld and Cheney, the people who actually MADE all these rotten decisions. Sorry, Jimmy. No blame for you. Maybe next time. Or maybe next time the neo-cons will blame George Washington for all their failures. After all, President Washington was the one who started that really really subversive idea that people need to be ELECTED to live in the White House.

Or maybe next time the neo-cons will start blaming their REAL targets -- patriotic Americans who care about democracy.