Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Dracula had family values too: The Republican 2006 campaign against Senator Byrd

I can't believe it! In the 2006 West Virginia Congressional election, John Raese, who is running against Senator Robert Byrd, has the absolute audacity to be running on a platform of Republican "Family Values". Don't even get me started on this one!

"We can't ignore the facts," states Mr. Raese. "Robert Byrd has slid slowly but steadily into the grip of the radical left-wing of his party. He no longer embraces West Virginian values -- hard work and strong families."

After all the lies, corruption, war-profiteering, tax gouging, job-stealing, hypocrisy, skulduggery, slander, malfiescence, law-violating, hanky-panky, torture and blood-sucking that characterizes the Bush bureaucracy, isn't a White House supporter such as Raese declaring to posses "Family Values" a bit like Count Dracula claiming to have America's best interests at heart because he and the Red Cross have so much in common -- they both collect blood.

Then Raese has the NERVE to ask his supporters to come up with a 9.85-million-dollar war chest in order to beat the evil Senator Byrd and "the nation's most notorious far-left group,"

9.85 million dollars? It will take 9.85 million dollars to beat Senator Byrd? That's approximately $87 for every voter in West Virginia. What does he plan to do? Buy them all fangs, a cape and a video-clip tour of Transylvania so they can become vampires too?

PS: Isn't West Virginia the home state of Lynndie England, the soldier who apparently received her Abu Ghraib "family values" torture kit straight from the White House itself? And isn't West Virginia the site of the Sago mine disaster that resulted when the Bush bureaucracy refused to shut down an unsafe mine?