Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Write THIS on your Absentee Ballot: "Better, safer & more accurate than Diebold!"

For the California residents who are voting absentee this November because we think that the Diebold machines are rigged, here's some good advice: Since we gotta mail in our "Official Absent Voter Ballot" anyway, we might as well let our county Registrar of Voters know why we are doing it.

Please consider writing "Better, safer and more accurate than Diebold" directly after the big red-letter words on the front of your ballot envelope. Note: Avoid writing on the ballot itself because extraneous marking could make it invalid.

Hopefully, the Registrar of Voters will take the hint.

PS: If you also object to having an expensive "Special Election" forced down your throat, I would recommend voting "No" on every proposition except 79 and 80.